Since she was a little girl, ​Solarah wanted to become a dancer. ​ ​Mesmerized by televised ballroom competitions and musicals, she felt an immense connection to the art of dance.

In April 2011 she began her formal dance education with salsa and bachata lessons. It was at her first student dance recital where she witnessed​ a belly dance performance, and was immediately infatuated. ​The sounds of the Middle Eastern music resonated in her soul and the serpentine movements grabbed her attention,​ she was inspired, and need to learn more.

​Solarah immediately started taking Egyptian style belly dance with Nahara and it was love at first shimmy. Nahara exposed her to many forms of the dance including: Raqs Sharqi, Tunisian, Morrocan Shikhat and one of her favorites, Baladi. ​A year later,​ ​Solarah​ was invited to join the Delphi Dance Ensemble student troupe directed by Oracle,​where she was introduced to World Tribal Fusion Dance which heavily incorporates American Tribal Style (ATS) in the routines.

The troupe has since evolved into a performance troupe that performs frequently throughout the year. Solarah serves as the troupe contact person and handles bookings for the troupe. She also contributes original choreographies that are performed and added to the troupe repertoire.


To​ ​expand her knowledge of belly dance she studied belly dance with Nahara and Aszmara.

She has taken workshops with:  Nourhan Sharif, Ranya Renee, Majda Anwar, Erica Joan, Mimi Fontana (Director, Manhattan Tribal), Aszmara Sherry, Tava, Rosa Noreen, Naja (Director of Tribe Hamsa), Kaeshi Chai, Janet Taylor (Fat Chance Belly Dance) and Kristine Adams (Fat Chance Belly Dance); Wendy Allen (Fat Chance Belly Dance), Dalia Carella, Oreet, Audie, Elena Faye, Raquy, Ramzi and La Gina. Solarah is a certified SharQui – The bellydance workout® instructor. She will always be a student of dance and actively takes workshops/ classes in belly dance and other genres of dance.


Solarah currently teaches weekly belly dance classes and SharQui - the belly dance workout at the Ossining Open Door Wellness Center in Ossining, NY.  She also holds  regular workshops for local community organizations where she lives.