Kaori was first entranced by the mystique of belly dance when she attended a Renaissance Faire in upstate New York. Captivated by the percussive power and sinuous femininity of the artform, she found herself fixated on the dancers, and repeatedly enthused to her friends “I NEED TO DO THIS!”

What started with consuming online tutorial videos and practicing hip drops in the mirror grew into an unshakeable passion. Inspired by Sadie Marquardt, Rachel Brice, and Zoe Jakes, Kaori was fascinated by the breadth of styles within belly dance, and wanted to learn more. She started studying at Manhattan Tribal under the direction of Mimi Fontana, falling in love with American Tribal Style belly dance. Little did she know that those fateful classes would also introduce her to her future Delphi sisters.

Kaori has taken workshops with La Gina, Kristine Adams of Fat Chance Belly Dance, Naja of Manhattan Tribal / Tribe Hamsa, Belladonna, Jo Boring, and Altagracia, to name a few. Constantly seeking out new classes and learning opportunities, she has a particular sweet spot for ATS, Tribal Fusion and Egyptian belly dance. She is honored to be a part of Delphi Dance Ensemble!