Emerald is shy by nature and in the Spring of 2009, while searching for something to push her limits and help her feel more confident, she came across a belly dance class offered by the local parks department. This would be her challenge, she signed up. She was so scared walking down the hall to her very first class that she almost left. She had not danced since she was a small child, and was not the exotic type that she associated with belly dance. She entered and quickly learned that Belly dance is not a look, it is a feeling, a celebration.  It made her feel great. Emerald was in love! 

She danced primarily with Jewels of Isis, under the leadership of La Gina, until 2013 when she joined her friend Zephyra for a Tribal class with Oracle. It is here where Emerald came to life. She found her sass and confidence.  She found her family of dance sisters. She has appeared at haflas, street fairs, N.E.A.T.S camp and several Belly Dancers for Charity events. She has attended classes and workshops taught by La Gina, Aszmara Sherry, Tava Naiyin, Ranya Renee, Neon, Majda Anwar, Silvia Salamanca, Kristine Adams, Mimi Fontana, Diana Saylor and Naja.

The primary characteristics of Tribal dance are strength, kinship, and celebrating within the tribe or group… Nowhere is this more true than with the Delphi.

Emerald loves sharing her wit and charm with the audience and looks forward to every opportunity to dance with her Delphi sisters!