Aleathea has always had an interest in belly dancing and Middle Eastern music; however, because of her insecurities of being a plus size woman she did not pursue the ancient art form. It wasn not until approximately 8 years ago that she was encouraged by her yoga instructor to take belly dance classes with the lovely Fahdida. As Aleathea's self confidence and passion for the dance increased she began her studies in Middle Eastern dance (Egyptian Raqs Sharqi, Egyptian Raqs Baladi, Tunisian Raqs Shaabi, and Moroccan Shikhat) with Nahara, with whom she has been a long term student and continues to train with to date. In 2012 she expanded her studies to include Tribal Fusion style with Oracle.  She has also taken various workshops with Nourhan Sharif, Erica Joan, Majda Anwar and Ranya Renee and many more to come. 

Aleathea has performed at various shows and community functions, with Banat Al Na'har at Rakkasah East in 2010 and currently with Delphi Dance Ensemble. 

Belly dancing helped Aleathea gain her self confidence and continues to nurture her body and soul.   She continues to share her love and passion of the art form and being a role model for plus size women. 

Besides Middle Eastern dance and music, Aleathea enjoys Native American culture, dance and music, Hatha Yoga, crocheting and reading. As she is often reminded "dancing heals the heart".