Delphi Dance Ensemble is a world fusion belly dance troupe based in
Pleasantville, NY. Formed in 2012 under the direction of Oracle of the
former Jahara Phoenix Dance Company (Georgia), the troupe consisted of
five women from various dance backgrounds with a passion for belly dance
who banned together in sisterhood. The current members include:  
Aleathea Delphi, Emerald Delphi, Kaori Delphi, Solarah Delphi and
Zephyra Delphi.

Delphi Dance Ensemble’s dance style is defined as world tribal fusion which, is a culmination of dance forms from all over the world, drawing influences from the Middle East, Africa, Spain and the United States to name a few. To quote performer and instructor Wendy Marlatt:  “World Fusion is both ancient and contemporary, respectful to tradition as well as innovation; and expands the vision of what we know as belly dance.”

It has been said that when witnessing a Delphi Dance Ensemble performance, you can feel the enjoyment, sense of sisterhood, and bond shared by the women as they dance, which brings a unique experience to their audience.  Not only does the troupe embrace the aesthetics of world fusion in their movement, but also their attire—they are known for their rich costumes which consist of very elaborate layers of fabrics, big colorful skirts, antique tribal jewelry from many cultures, hair ornaments, and elaborately embellished tribal tops. 

Delphi Dance Ensemble is dedicated to presenting a show that is family friendly, interactive and entertaining to audiences of all ages.

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Aleathea, Zephyra, Oracle, Arrayah and Solarah